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What is it about insomnia at this time of year? Half the entries in my friends list allude to it, and I've managed to completely invert my sleep cycle. I'm "up late" at the moment trying to shift phase back into sync with the rest of the world. That in turn may eventually turn out to be a not-so-bad thing because the rest of Kodak seems to have an odd habit of coming in bizarrely early, and I've been dragged into a series of 8:30 daily meetings. But it's been wreaking havoc with my life this week.

At least it's keeping my mind off how much I miss linuxspice. And by the time I do get back into phase, she ought to be here, assuming that her back improves as quickly as she let on the last time we spoke. *happy sigh* We just keep going from strength to strength in our relationship lately, and every day we seem to draw a little closer. It's been two and a half years, and if anything, the NRE has gotten more intense; some days, I feel as if my heart could burst. Meeting her family went trimphantly; they're all really sweet, and her parents have been asking her when I'm coming back. :-)

There's a little voice in the back of my head that keeps wondering what the catch is, as this is clearly too good to be true. We're such a perfect fit, and I've never managed to keep a relationship of this intensity going this long, and what did I ever do to deserve to be this happy anyway?
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