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Productive procrastination

My goal for this weekend was to finish my office so that I can move my furniture and computers into it. I actually did repaint the entire office last week, except for some spots that need to be touched up. My first task yesterday was going to have been to touch up those spots, followed by nail extraction from the moulding and baseboards, and repainting the moulding and the light fixture overhead.

Instead, by way of procrastination, I spent most of the weekend porting Gnome 2.0.3 to Solaris 9. I say "porting" rather than "building" because there are some genuinely nontrivial things broken with the existing distribution that I've had to fix (most pervasively, automake-1.6 seems to get the number of arguments to Solaris getmntent() wrong), and one major project that I'll need to undertake later (porting FAM). I'm still not quite done with it, and I wish I'd taken better notes from the start of the things that I need to go back later and come up with real fixes for to check in to the appropriate projects.

Jan's Super Bowl party started 25 minutes ago. I've been promising myself that I'd get at least the painting done before I head over. One way or another, I'll wander over when it gets dark....


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Jan. 28th, 2003 12:12 am (UTC)

Interestingly, I just had a run-in with Solaris 9 and GNU auto*; I was trying to build metamail, and hoping that Debian's humongous patch would cause it to refrain from leaving huge numbers of zero-length files in /tmp. The goal being to use my MIME-support hack to msgs, for when certain people mail it HTML and/or RTF and/or Word docs. I hoped that incrementally superceding the old auto* tools that someone else had installed from binaries with shiny new ones would eventually make things work, but no. Fortunately this program is small enough that I can probably just glob it all together by hand and have a decent chance of its working.

To say nothing of the first and last time I tried to build GNOME entirely from source, for Linux; the note I left myself along with the voodoo notes was, verbatim: "It's a desktop environment AND and an arcane torture device, all in one! (No, Jed, tell us how you </i>really</i> feel...)". Oh, the tentacles.

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