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Roads not taken

When I was looking at colleges, I vacillated between three possible
career paths -- software engineering (which I ultimately ended up doing),
pre-med (just like my grandfather), or politics. I ultimately chose politics, and wound up at Georgetown, as a (CAS) Government major.

After about a year and a half, I decided that I didn't really want to pursue politics as a career path, given all of the glad-handing and backstabbing that I'd have to do, and that I could expect from colleagues. And the Cold War was ending, which made my hopes of helping stop the arms race and save the world from nuclear war a non-issue. On top of that, I was starting to come to terms with sexual orientation and gender identity issues, and didn't think I'd be electable. So I transferred out, went to Case Western Reserve, and now eat bugs for a living. :-)

But what if I'd stuck with it? I've asked myself that on several occasions, usually when I've been dealing with elected officials as part of the activism that I do. Which is why this candidate got my attention when I ran across his site. He seems to have followed a similar arc to the one that I bailed out of, and his political sensibilities are a reasonably close match. And to think, Amanda lived in his district until recently....