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Stolen from solarbird

  1. Programming intern, writing REXX code circa 1984
  2. Roller coaster operator at Waldameer
  3. Kite shop sales... well, I was going to say "girl," which isn't strictly accurate
  4. Counselor at the Chautauqua Boys and Girls' Club (Onward Girls' Club! Kill the Boys' Club! Full of life and pep!)
  5. Bumper boat pond operator at Waldameer
  6. Computer service technician -- training mostly provided by being handed a broken printer or computer and a screwdriver and told to see what I could make of it. But at least I escaped having to go back to the amusement park....
  7. Grader for introductory CS course
  8. COBOL programmer (for the summer)
  9. Device driver writer
  10. Independent Macintosh consultant (also for the summer)

Hmm. That Mac job probably should have gone on the resume that I gave to drakemonger. Oh well....
Tags: meme, work

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