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Extremely wow.

Several things have happened recently:

  1. linuxspice broke up with the non-poly OSO that I was venting about at apc9. She was trying to let him down easy, but it backfired spectacularly, and we spent several days getting her over the resulting yuckiness.
  2. As a result, she is now planning to move in with me. For real. Immediately. She's heading back to Boston this weekend to pack.
  3. I've almost finished my household network wiring project, the one that I had feared that I wouldn't finish until it was time to move.
  4. Ironically, I have an interview set up next week for a really cool job out of town that would require me to move. Again, the uncounted chickens are the operative principle here, but I think I'm holding a basket of rather wobbly eggs.
  5. And Amanda is willing to follow me to Pittsburgh for said job. She's coming with me next weekend so I can show her around town.

Wow. I mean... wow. Um, and Good Job Vibes would be appreciated next Friday, if folks can spare them. I think the plan for the weekend is going to be to pull cable and finish the wiring project....

Tags: amanda, rochester, work

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