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Right full rudder, bring us about!

We're doing it again: another complete change in plans for how we're going to move forward here at work. This is the second time we've done this this year for just my team, and the second time we've essentially abandoned a major deliverable of mine within days of its completion.

I'm actually quite relieved that we aren't moving forward with the ugly mess that I was about to introduce into our codebase -- another team had created it as a rogue project, and I was going to update it and integrate it for the sake of having One Big Platform to maintain. Now this thing is going to live on for another year (I tried to kill it last year), but it's someone else's albatross to hang around their neck, and my team has the green light to actually do the right thing.

On the gripping hand, there's a strong streak of professionalism in me that's a little miffed at the fact that I've essentially spent the entire year engaged in almost producing shippable code, rather than actually shipping it....

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