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Back from the 'Burgh, annat

linuxspice and I are back from our weekend in Pittsburgh. I've still got fingers and toes crossed about how the interview went -- I thought most of it went well, but I kind of tripped over my tongue explaining what object-oriented programming was, and tried to get a bit too clever on the "write a function on the whiteboard" part. In both cases, some other parts went well with the person in question, so it may not turn into a downcheck, but we'll have to see.

In any event, we had a wonderful romantic weekend (the B&B on Thursday night was especially neat, with a fireplace conducive to cuddling), and got to spend some time with ralphmelton and indigodove, and my ex, her partner, her other ex, and her other ex's husband. And Amanda got to see the town, and we got to spend lots of time together.

So, fingers and toes crossed....
Tags: travel, work

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