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Anagram fun

From this site:

futabachan: fauna batch, "Fat Cuban, ha!"

Susan Davis: avid Sun ass, via US sands, US and visas, Saudis' vans

Amanda Yilmaz: lazy mad mania, am an lazy maid, Liz may ad a man, Nazi lay madam, am Nazi malady

Susan Palmer Davis: am Sun adviser's pal, universal damp ass, Peruvian lass' dams, validness ARPA sum, US plasma invaders, DelMarVa sinus spa, sad as primeval sun

Amanda Elif Yilmaz: lazily famed mania, finalized lay mama, amazed filly mania, "Finalize my ad, Alma!", Alfa amazedly mini, analyze film aim ad, nail amazed family, amazed if mainly Al



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Mar. 6th, 2003 04:05 pm (UTC)
My name rearranges to "Delilah Allen." If I ever need an alias, I'm there!

Mike's rearranges to "Michel Allah." He's a French Muslim!
Mar. 7th, 2003 04:51 pm (UTC)
Katy Elizabeth Bishop
WHEEEE! Fab word fun!
I tried to do mine, but only came up with "bath eels...", not too good.

If allusions have not been made to "a man and a girl", let me be the first, Ms. Madrigal.

Silly goose.
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