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Today, March 24, is Sanguem, the day of blood, on which transsexual priestesses of the goddess Cybele Magna Mater were initiated into Her service, and underwent a crude form of SRS. We had a fairly low-key ritual at our new Metro'on in the Catskills, and consecrated our permanent ritual space. Next year, we should get even closer to the actual ancient forms -- we're planning to bury a tree on Arbor Intrat and all that.

On a more personal level, today is also the third anniversary of my SRS. In some ways, it feels like it has been a lot longer than that. I celebrated by buying one of the deeply discounted Zaurus SL-5500s and setting 802.11b up on it. Which is what I'm posting this from.

I'll have to sit down and write a Qtopia LJ client as an exercise, I think....
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