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The rake's progress

We finally had decent weather on a weekend when I was home, and the leaves were actually dry, so linuxspice and I broke out leaf blowers and rakes and implements of destruction and finally tackled last fall's crop of leaves. The snow arrived before I had a chance to rake and clean gutters last fall, so they've been sitting there ever since.

Most of the leaves still need to be shifted to the curb, but most of the lawn -- and all of the garden, thanks to linuxspice -- is now uncovered. And the flowers are coming up! We have snowdrops along the side fence, and pretty purple and blue crocuses (or something else; I'm not that clueful of a gardener) out in the back beds. There's quite a bit of weeding to be done, and the rose bushes need to be retied to the fence in many places, but spring is definitely fixing to arrive.

Not that you could tell from today. The temperatures fell into the low 30's, and we had flurries. As I was finishing up a bit of raking-to-the-curb at 3:45, I looked at my watch and thought "Great! I'm just in time for the second wave of NFL games...."
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