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Because of the whole employment situation, and the fact that the designer doesn't have the plans finished yet, it looks like I'm not going to be able to build the Insolent 60 any time soon. But I found someone in Pittsburgh who was building a "His and Her" Singlehander Schooner by the same designer, who has canceled his project and will be giving me the parts for free.

It's still probably going to take about $1000 or so to get my "free" boat in the water, not to mention a week or so of work (which I'll have plenty of time for in July), but this opens up the possibility of going cruising in the Apostle Islands or the North Channel of Lake Huron this summer, rather than having to wait for the I60. There's just enough cabin and cockpit space for Amanda and I to be cozy, and the boat is "able" enough to handle short offshore passages such as dashing across the lake to Toronto. And she'll make a nice trainer for learning how to handle a schooner rig, or a daysailing knockabout for when I'm by myself and don't want to have to wrestle with a 60 footer.

So it looks like I'm going to be in Pittsburgh weekend-after-next to pick up the boat parts; would anyone there or along the way care to get together?
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