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Stopping the violence (and starting some)

Apparently, there was an anti-war demonstration in Rochester today, and I missed it. And I could've actually made it, as I was done with work at lunchtime after putting in a 16-hour day on Wednesday. There's also supposedly a big rally going on downstate tomorrow; Amanda and I had originally planned to attend, but her brother is in town for the weekend, so she's doing family stuff instead.

Speaking of stopping the violence, I need to call the PAC-TAC people back. We had a neighborhood meeting a month or so ago, and volunteer patrols with police radios were one of the things that came out of it. I signed up; Anita (my EMT slash paramedic-in-training roommate) must be getting to me.

On the subject of violence, they're apparently installing a new video scoreboard down at the War Memorial for our local minor league hockey team. Kat is a big hockey fan; I wish she were in town so we could go to games together. It's not that I'm a particularly big hockey fan or anything, it's just that she's such a sports geek that it's a lot of fun going to see anything that she has a clue about with her. There's a good chance that she'll wind up back here, though, if she can get the job she's applying for.
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