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starstraf infected me with the following meme:

20 years ago, I was the geekiest freshman in the Deerfield Academy class of 1986 -- so much so that a group of seniors formed the "Palmer Davis fan club" because I was such an unbelievable dork. I had a bowl haircut, my voice broke very violently during the year (people called me "PALllllmer" with a deep swooping change from high to low), and I had just thrown a tantrum after a corridor-mate trapped me behind a door to make me late for sailing team practice -- in revenge, I jumped up and down over the weak spot in the floor above his room, to try to break the ceiling. Being a "computer jock", playing D&D and Star Fleet Battles, and working on the school science fiction magazine with solarbird didn't help my image much, either.

10 years ago, I hit rock bottom. 1993 was the Lost Year: I had bailed out of transition two years earlier, but still not gotten over it emotionally, and Jennifer Wesp had graduated and left the year before, right before my thesis adviser was denied tenure and left. I was working sort-of-full-time-ish at Metro Health Center, and things were ramping up towards spinning our lab off as a startup, but I wasn't getting much of anywhere academically or with my life, and I wouldn't for another year.

5 years ago, my transition was just starting to warm up. An incident over the winter when my car broke down by the interstate in Akron while I was dressed as Sue had finally gotten me over my fear of being read, so I was spending more and more time as Sue, preparing for transition, and even had a "hers" picture on my "his" driver's license. I was finally employed again (at Secant) after the second bottoming out in 1997 over the divorce, and therefore had money to begin regular visits to E2000 in Texas. And I had fired the Levine group (of therapists), and was starting with therapy with the Feo group, and the process of coming out to my Mom. On the minus side, I still lived in an un-airconditioned attic apartment and had severe facial hair issues that would cause me to suspend transition for the final time over the summer while I waited for my September 15 appointment at E2000.

3 years ago, I was still on my post-SRS medical leave, and had just driven back to Cleveland from the FCOW where I met linuxspice and Peri. I was getting ready to go back to work at Secant (where things would turn sour almost as soon as I got back), and to go to the Stone Creed Grove's public Beltane ritual (where I'd discovered that I was Pagan the year before).

1 year ago, Peri and I had just returned to Rochester from the final Essex FCOW and some all-too-rare time with Amanda. We had just learned that our friend Dana has leukemia (which she's still fighting), and were crossing our fingers that she'd be around for this year's conference. (She is, but she was too sick to come.)

Yesterday, Amanda and I spent a lot of time together snuggling in preparation for her trip out of town today to clean the last few things out of her apartment. We also watched Buffy get fired, and Matt cooked some yummy catfish.

Tomorrow, I have a phone interview for a job in southern Connecticut. Afterwards, I'll clean the attic, and then I might do a small Beltane ritual of some sort by myself.
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