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From shaktiqueen, serenejournal, and others:

10 years ago...

  1. LOCATION: Still living in the run-down attic apartment off campus that I moved to when I returned to CWRU from the semester that I took off for transition attempt #1.
  2. SEX: Male, unfortunately.
  3. RELATIONSHIPS: None. I was kinda-sorta still theoretically dating Jennifer, but a visit to see her (and Greg) in Virginia didn't go well over some poly issues, and we drifted apart after she visited over the summer.
  4. APPEARANCE: I cut my hair short in early 1992, and it stayed that way until the divorce. Throw in heavy five o'clock shadow, and I looked quite different back then.
  5. DRUGS: None.
  6. DRIVING: The 1991 Toyota Tercel that I got for what was to have been my graduation.
  7. FOOD: Diet thoroughly abandoned, eating too much fast food at random hours.
  8. CREATIVITY: Winding down. I was still theoretically picking at my operating system project, but Dev had been gone for over a year, and Linux was starting to gain momentum, so I finally concluded that I'd been scooped. And we hadn't ramped up the teleradiology product development at work yet, either.
  9. SOCIAL: Pretty much the lowest point of my life. I had some friends around Cleveland (Stephen, Debbie, Zhenghong, Kang Do Won people), but was fairly hermit-y and very shy.
  10. MONEY: Kinda tight; I was making ends meet on my own from the Metro job, but I was very much in poor-grad-student mode.

Bottom line: wow, am I ever glad that 1993 is far in the past!
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