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Missing in action

Okay, it's definitely time to clean house. Over the weekend, I failed to find my thumb compass (for the weekend's orienteering meet) or my cordless drill (to finish my rowing dory), despite remembering having put them somewere findable. They're both still missing. I'd like to do some boat work tonight, but I've got two and a half weeks before the next O-meet.

Despite not finding my compass, it was still a good meet. Amanda and I walked around the Yellow course with a baseplate compass, and had a nice walk in the woods despite Amanda getting dehydrated. Afterwards, I went back out again and ran the Orange course. I only had to relocate once, and that was because I fell for misidentifying a puncheon over a low point along a trail for a bridge over a stream that was to be my attack point for control #8. I had a much slower time than I thought I'd have given how well I did in finding controls promptly, but that was a common complaint, so we'll have to see how I did.

The next meet is at Letchworth, over Memorial Day. We'll have to see tonight whether any tent sites are available... or for the A-meet in October.


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Jun. 3rd, 2003 12:56 pm (UTC)
The events I did in Cleveland last year where all done sans compass since mine are still at Peri's. One that I did at Kendall Lake (in the National Park) was a Yellow (there wasn't an orange) that I finished in about 35 - 40 minutes (in VERY muddy conditions), and I simply astonished the meet directors. I'd also been running a good bit of the course without getting too winded, so appearantly I was in better shape than I had been thinking at the time. And I'm in even better shape now, too. Just need to find the Columbus area group (not like there is much terrain around here) and some money for competing...
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