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Catching up

It's been a while, I guess.

The orienteering meet at Letchworth over the weekend was a disaster. It was cold and rainy -- unseasonably so, as in lower 50's. And I made the mistake of putting on a cotton T-shirt and dressing for the 60's. I made it to the vicinity of control #7 (out of 12 -- green course) before I started shivering, and wound up taking a DNF.

kat_chan has a LJ! Yay!

I built a boat last night -- the "free" one that I mentioned earlier. It's only temporarily screwed together; today's project will be to permanently install the bulkheads with epoxy.

I won't be making any more updates about the job situation until I actually get one, I think -- I seem to have jinxed myself on the last few possibilities. We'll see what happens.

Things continue to be mind-blowingly wonderful with Amanda, who I've now addicted to Macross 7 and other such silliness. We're a bit concerned about her back, though -- she hurt it again last week.

There's a nasty cold going around, and I have it -- hacking cough that won't quit, sore throat, low-grade fever, and general yuckiness. It's actually a relief that it's a cold -- I found out the hard way that the garage isn't sufficiently well ventilated for epoxy work (especially with silica), and thought that the cough was from epoxy fumes or silica powder, the consequences of which would've been much nastier.
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