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The Matrix Reassigned

*blink* *blink* Larry Wachowski is trans?



Update: Oh, wait -- that was based on a National Enquirer story. What is a supposedly reputable paper doing quoting the Enquirer? Sheesh.



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Jun. 4th, 2003 12:13 pm (UTC)
You're only about two weeks late on this. There was a whole big thing where the jilted half of a couple was, just after the premiere of the movie, was going on about how Larry Wachowski wrecked their marriage, is a cross-dresser, and was probably walking down the red carpet with a pair of panties on. It was widely carried in the mainstream entertainment media, and to me it sounds like a load of sour grapes from the guy, whose soon-to-be-ex-wife was Larry's date for the premiere (and maybe the Oscars, as well).
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