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Strength of schedule

I sat down and made up a win-loss matrix for the Louis Vuitton results so far while impatiently waiting for the results of today's OneWorld vs. Oracle BMW match, and it looks like Alinghi might not be quite so awesome as they've looked so far, and Prada might not be so hapless.

I've been thinking of the field in three groups: OneWorld, Oracle, and Alinghi at the top, Victory and Stars & Stripes in the middle, and Prada, GBR, Areva, and Mascalzone Latino at the bottom. But all of Alinghi's wins so far have come at the expense of the bottom four, and Prada's losses have come at the hands of the top group plus a close loss to S&S. It's possible that Prada might get their act together well enough to emerge as a middle-tier team, which makes today's Victory vs. Prada matchup especially interesting. And Alinghi still hasn't faced Oracle, S&S, or Victory, which could make their life interesting for the rest of the round....

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