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From red_frog:

  1. If someone were to try to cheer you up, should they cheer your body or your mind? Umm... thingy? (I don't understand the question.)
  2. Name something you're afraid of doing that you think you should make yourself do. Go back to campus to sort out the whole thesis mess.
  3. It's a hot day and you've entered your Magic Kitchen [TM] to find a drink. You can have anything you want. What do you pick? Boon Framboise '86. Mmm, yum. I have a case laid away for major special occasions.
  4. What is your dream job? NASA Astronaut. Or chair of the Computer Science department at Deerfield. (A classmate is chair of the math department.)
  5. What is a moral/ethical stance that you approve of but find too restricting to live by? Vegetarianism. Mmm, yummy wings....
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