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Good things come in threes

Believe it or not, I found yet another free boat: a classic old wooden Lightning (#2033) built roughly around the Second World War. She's missing about half of her bottom planking, and her current (previous) owner has run out of time and patience in restoring her. But she's got all of her hardware, some nice brightwork, sails, spars, and a good trailer with freshly-packed wheel bearings. Unlike the Y-Flyer from weekend-before-last, I think I can actually get her in commission, and race her with the local Lightning fleet. (The Y-Flyer turned out to have more rot than originally thought, and may have to be scrapped.)

I have a long history with Lightnings: I first sailed one at age 5 at Chautauqua, and my aunt Susan owned #2924 throughout most of the 1960s. I had planned to buy one last year, actually, and actively race it, but the Insolent 60 came along, and I spent my Lightning fund on commissioning the design and buying a beat-up old Suburban as the tow vehicle. I'm really excited to be racing again, and "free" is about what I can afford at the moment, boat-wise.

She's currently in Eden Prairie, MN, so I'll be in the Twin Cities over the weekend. I'll be driving through the night Friday night, and will need to crash for several hours once I've fetched the boat, but should be around generally for the rest of Saturday after that (and isn't Pride this weekend?), if anyone in the area would care to get together. Alternatively, if anyone along the way would like to get together, I could be persuaded to drop by on my way back....

(And yes, I need to finish my "shower" interviews, and catch up on some other stuff that's happened in the last two weeks. More soon.)
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