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Hello, I must be going

Heading out soon to fetch Lightning #2033, and hang out with Kathleen and Rachel. Still haven't had time to finish my "shower" interviews, or the application for the city job that I need to apply for; I may swing by City Hall on the way home.

Got three rolls worth of photos back today, all 35mm. I guess they're still working on the APS that we shot at Letchworth the other week -- linuxspice misread the due date on a ticket that I needed to pay in Mount Morris, so I juggled my schedule a bit to take an afternoon off, and we went sightseeing in the Letchworth gorge for the afternoon. It's just as stunning as it always is, and we lucked out with perfect weather, and wildflowers in bloom. Unfortunately, all of the really neat pictures of linuxspice (and me) framed in rainbows cast by the spray from the falls are on the APS rolls that didn't come back; I hope they get processed by Tuesday.

I also managed to introduce linuxspice to Chautauqua on Father's Day. We'll have to go back (preferably with the little schooner or the Lightning) during the season, but she fell in love with the place right off the bat. We sat for an hour and a half in my "power spot" (a certain place on the north shore of the point that the Bell Tower is on, that I've always really been drawn to), and then took a brief tour of the grounds. All of the damage from the Amphitheatre roof collapse over the winter has been replaced, thankfully. They're also renovating Mrs. Schaal's old house, which is now the Catholic denominational house. I can't wait to finish the Gadfly so we can have a floating cottage moored just off the grounds; we may try it in miniature this year by sailing the "His and Her" Schooner out of Camp Chautauqua.

It's been oppressively hot here -- in the 90s, and 85 in our bedroom last night. Thankfully, the heat wave has broken, and the forecast is for the 70s through next week. It was so bad last night that we went to the movies (Spellbound) just to get out of the heat, and drove up to Charlotte afterward in a vain attempt to cool down. The air was just as hot there as it was at home, though the lake itself was refreshingly cool when I waded in. We walked all the way out to the end of the pier searching for cooler air and a breeze, and found only bugs and a pretty view. And you wouldn't believe the lines at the Abbott's next to the beach!

Anyway, must run; a sixteen-hour road trip awaits....
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