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From serenejournal, jeliza, and others:

CLSC is the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle, which is supposedly the world's oldest book club, and almost became a university at one point. It was one of the centerpieces of the Chautauqua movement, and Thomas Edison was a prominent early member. I graduated with the class of 1999, and really ought to get around to collecting my Seven Seals one of these days; I think I've read enough of the books already.

Erie Day School was where I went to elementary school. It's small enough that it's perhaps not quite so surprising that no other LJers list it.

Finger Lakes Trail: it's a bit of a surprise that this isn't listed; it's New York's longest hiking trail, and part of the NCT. Of course, only one other LJer lists the NCT, compared with the gobs and gobs interested in the AT....

FCOW is Full Circle of Women, the conference at which I met linuxspice, Peri, and some other wonderful folks, including several on my friends list.

Gloucester Light Dory is the sixteen-foot Philip Bolger rowing boat that I just came in from working on; I hope to launch mine soon. It will be the tender for my Insolent 60. (It's not so surprising that the I60 has no other listers, as mine will be the first ever built.)

Kang Do Won is the school where I earned my black belt in Cleveland. I really miss it, and wish we had something as good here. I'll have to make a more determined search, now that I've left Kodak.

Metroac spirituality refers specifically to the cult of Meter and Attis, which the First Church of the Goddess seeks to reclaim.

Serpent Mound: it's in southern Ohio, and it's North America's answer to Stonehenge. I've been to both, and I think that the Serpent Mound is the bigger deal. We used to hold rituals there on every quarter day, and have started doing so again.

Trash Plate is another term for "garbage plate", a local Rochester delicacy. It consists of home fries and either baked beans, macaroni salad, or more home fries, as a substrate, on top of which is some sort of meat: cheesburger patties, hot dogs ("hots"), Italian sausage, or the like. On top of all this goes mustard, onions, and a meat-based "hot sauce." It's extremely greasy, and extremely bad for you, but delicious.
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