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Wedding virus

I think that linuxspice and I must be carriers for some sort of wedding virus. To wit:

  • There was a benefit concert at Jacque's in Boston for the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition. We stayed for two acts, the second of which was Pelvic Circus (who totally rocked) -- and the next morning, their bass player got married.
  • We left the concert to head upstairs to meet some of linuxspice's friends, and caught the drag show with them. I finally got to meet linuxspice's infamous ex Liz, who turned out to be really cool, and Kate and Meg and the rest of the gang were there -- and Meg is going to marry her partner Ellen in two weeks.
  • We went to the park the next day to meet Liz's ex, Bosov -- and he got married right there on the spot. (Which was, in fact, the whole excuse for the trip.) The bride wore a two inch buzz cut, the groom had hair to his waist, the (UU) minister was the bride's old roommate from a vegetarian cooperative, and the couple made speeches about social justice and the need for same-sex marriages to be legalized. It was a beautiful ceremony, and drippingly progressive, and we'll have to mine it for ideas when the time comes.
  • As if that weren't enough, we stopped in Palenville on the way home for a full moon ritual at the Metro'on there -- and three of our friends who live at the Phrygianum spontaneously decided to get handfasted that night. It was even more casual than Bosov and Catherine's, and even more beautiful: by torchlight, in the sacred grove, at the rising of the moon, with soft drumming to galliambic meter in the background. The wedding cakes were vulva-shaped oatmeal raisin cookies.

The best part wasn't hanging out with linuxspice's friends, or eating pistachio ice cream with her father, or learning galliambic meter. The best part was lying naked in bed together afterwards, planning our wedding....
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