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  1. anmorata
  2. crazedwombat
  3. dot_cattiness
  4. anneselwyn
  5. eeyore_grrl
  6. minnaleigh
  7. vintage_sex
  8. rubyfruitjungle
  9. cthulhu_nunnery
  10. polyamory
  11. artemii
  12. bimaryg
  13. elisem
  14. rhiannondance
  15. zannatose
  16. jaketherake
  17. lj_maintenance
  18. explodingcat
  19. elynne
  20. nolly
  21. yerpretty
  22. paidmembers
  23. imagine_that
  24. calnhobbes
  25. sinboy
  26. foxtrot_feed
  27. faeriechilde
  28. laurex
  29. boondocks
  30. yuno
  31. sapience
  32. pennywhistle
  33. kateo
  34. ashenphoenix
  35. doonesbury
  36. comic_getfuzzy
  37. vaginapagina
  38. dryadgrl
  39. anisoptera
  40. bisexual
  41. ahneke
  42. althaea
  43. hartsong1972
  44. northwoodstom
  45. news
  46. the_ogre
  47. mittelweg
  48. indigobynight
  49. papersky

  50. A lot of these are people who I didn't know had journals, or didn't know what their username was, or thought they were friends already, who I know from elsewhere on the net. And I just went through and added a bunch, so the list isn't strictly accurate now.
Tags: meme

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