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Yesterday was the Great Day Of Family Obligation at Chautauqua -- we always give the altar flowers for the 10:45 (Christian) church service on CLSC Sunday in memory of my grandparents, and always make a point of trying to be there. I think I'm getting past being defensive about being non-Christian when I'm exposed to Christian ritual -- this was the second weekend in a row that I'd gone for the church service, and both times, I found myself focusing more on what I have in common with what was coming from the pulpit (celebrating a connection with the divine, working for social justice, and the like) rather than trying to hold myself apart from the paternalistic parts that I reject. Maybe the fact that it's Chautauqua has something to do with it, too -- the chaplains there seem to be selected for inclusiveness and a commitment to social justice, and there's a huge weight of family tradition attached, too, for me. In any event, I totally lost it (as usual) during Holy, Holy, Holy, which was my grandmother's favorite hymn.

Anyway, after church, linuxspice and I stopped by the CLSC Veranda on our way to lunch (the Traditional Family Chicken Dinner at the Captain's Table -- which I hated as a kid, but love now), and signed her up for CLSC. We also snagged this year's full book selection, which looked really good, and I finally got around to checking on which books I'd reported having read, as I thought I was pretty close to qualifying for the Guild of the Seven Seals.

As it turns out, I'm exactly one book away! Two books from Amanda's pile of this year's CLSC books are calling me: I Should Be Extremely Happy In Your Company, by Brian Hall, and The Birth of Pleasure, by Carol Gilligan. I'm leaning toward the Hall book because it's the bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark expedition, and because I'm more in a novel mood than a social science mood right now. Unless linuxspice wants first crack at it, that is.

Oh, and there's one more that I'll need to read: the (Christian) Bible. All of it. I'm leaning toward the Authorized ("King James") edition, with all that yummy late-period language, unless someone else has another suggestion....
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