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Stupid drivers

Anita came home in tears last night -- her "wambulance" had been in an accident, and she had been driving, with lights and sirens going. A bus stopped halfway through an intersection, and a second lane of traffic also stopped... but as she was slowly inching through, carefully checking for oncoming traffic, a van full of young party dudes that hadn't been paying attention ran through the intersection and hit her.

The kicker is that in New York, an ambulance is a "moving hazard" and therefore by definition at fault in any accident. So Anita's driving privileges have been suspended until she gets some training, and she was pretty shaken up. And they'd been on the way to pick up someone who'd been having trouble breathing; no word yet on whether the replacement wambulance got there in time.

At least the rest of the folks at her work understand about incidents like these -- apparently, just about everyone has had one. And she wasn't hurt, and they gave her the rest of the evening off, which gave her a chance to actually get some sleep. (She curled up on the air mattress next to me as I played Kingdom Hearts.)

I still find it hard to believe that the van dudes didn't at least get a ticket for "failing to yield to an emergency vehicle" or something....

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