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Many are cold, but few are frozen

Episcopal convention rejects same-sex union rites.

I'm not surprised -- and in a way, I'm not even all that disappointed. By the time the 2008 convention rolls around, and certainly by the one after that, there will most likely be legal same-sex marriage hereabouts, especially if the Massachusetts case goes the right way. So I'd almost rather just see the ECUSA use the regular old marriage rite for same-sex weddings, the one that's already right there in the Book of Common Prayer, rather than codify second-class treatment for same-sex couples (and shunt them off to a secondary book of liturgy).

Not that it matters for me, really -- the Episcopal Church and I have had our parting of the ways, and linuxspice and I would be married in the First Church of the Goddess anyway.



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Aug. 8th, 2003 03:36 pm (UTC)
my uncle was part of the convention in 1996 or 7 (he's a priest). gay marriage (though i am not sure of the exact details at that juncture in time) was voted down by ONE vote!!!


i really do love my episcopal roots. which is why i am now and episco-pagan (instead of just wiccan by this point).

it will happen. and it will be even in the book of common prayer as the man and wife bit. i have my belief.
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