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At the old ball game

linuxspice, Peri, and I went out to the ball park last night to catch a AAA game between Buffalo (the Indians' affiliate) and Rochester. Actually, it turned out to be a doubleheader, but I couldn't stick around for game 2 because of work.

It was a pretty wild game -- the Bisons turned a triple play after walking the bases loaded, then followed it up with an inside-the-park home run in the top of the following inning. They shortened the game to 7 innings due to the doubleheader and a 1 1/2 hour rain delay (must be a minor league thing; they'd never do that in the bigs), which meant that we had a fifth inning stretch. And Chad Paronto managed to blow the save and let Rochester win on a walk-off three run homer. I rooted for Buffalo, because they're affiliated with Cleveland, and I used to have season tickets for the Indians when I lived there.

The seats we had were amazing -- down front in the box seats, behind home plate on the first base side. They were one last perk from the contract house that employed me for my Kodak job, although Frontier Field is small enough that just about all of the seats there are awfully good. And the hot dogs -- there's something about eating hot dogs at the ball park that makes them taste a zillion times better. The ones at Frontier Field are Zweigel's red hots, a local delicacy. The bun was just the right texture, and they seem to have found some sort of brown mustard that's a pretty close match for real Cleveland stadium mustard. Yum.

And I still managed to lose a pound, despite eating a ball park dog. 11 down, 58 to go....
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