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Arf, arf

Yesterday was another "dog birthday" -- I'm now 241. We celebrated by going to the King Missile concert at Milestone's. It rocked, but the warm up act really, really sucked. (Enough so that we played Hangman through it to pass the time.) I think "The Commercial" squicked linuxspice a bit; she hadn't heard it before. We also discovered a pretty cool coffeehouse next door, which looks good except that their hot chocolate tasted funny.

Oh, and I have a nibling-out-law! linuxspice's sister-in-law gave birth this week to a baby daughter. She's soooooo cute.

Anyway, must dash. Hamilton calls....



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Aug. 9th, 2003 06:57 pm (UTC)
I'd be curious to see King Missile in concert. I imagine it would be... odd.

"The Commercial" certainly could be squicky.

Did they do "Gary and Melissa"? That's by far my favorite King Missile song.
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