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There's a tower in Toronto that controls people's minds!

The view from my window down King Street is pretty spectacular. And I can see the Tower That Controls People's Minds from the elevator landing. It's good to be in Canada; I wish we didn't have to leave.

Does anyone on my friends list have Usenet posting access? I'm blocked by the Avaya firewall (VPN connection), and Google Groups isn't working when I try to post from it. I wanted to post the following:

For folks traveling to alt.polycon, be advised that the ATM in the hotel is inside the gift shop slash news stand thingie, which closes at a fairly early hour. The ATM also won't accept US ATM cards that are Visa-enabled, unless they're part of the Cirrus network -- NYCE, MOST, Plus, and the like won't do it. If you bat your eyelashes at the nice man behind the counter, he'll let you charge CDN$40 to your Visa, though.

I discovered this the hard way last night when I ran out of Canadian money for the vending machines....
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