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Shrike update

I'm starting to worry about whether Shrike is going to be ready for the Provincetown race, let alone Kingston next weekend. Today, I

  • rebuilt bulkhead "D" to give compartment D-E a larger access hatch,
  • discovered that I installed bulkhead "C" on the wrong side of the frame (d'oh!), and will need to adjust the main mast step to compensate,
  • finished assembling the daggerboard, except for pouring the requisite 50 kilos of lead,
  • primed the headblocks for the keel and rudder trunks so that I can assemble them tomorrow, and
  • barrier coated the interior with epoxy.

Tomorrow's plan, before departing for Toronto:

  • cut out the daggerboard slot,
  • install the daggerboard trunk,
  • install the rudder trunk,
  • finish paying the starboard chine with epoxy putty, and
  • finish assembling the sheer clamps.

After that, I'll still need to do 45 different things.Collapse ) That's rather a lot to accomplish. Yipes.

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