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When the Pardee's over

Registration thus far:

Headed over to Undergraduate Affairs to pick up a registration form (never having gotten a PIN so that I could do it online). It turns out that I just caught them -- they're moving to a different building at the other end of the quad next month. Found out that I need to talk to Dean Robinson, but no appointments are available until next Tuesday, so I'll be back in town then.

Went over to find my advisor. The EECS department is still where it was six years ago, but has also moved since I was here. Found my advisor, my Old Undergraduate Advisor, and the Assistant Chair (who I had for my Data Structures class) in a hallway conference with a Ph.D. candidate in the same boat as me, needing a last-minute signature for One Lousy Credit (tm).

My advisor was busy, which got me out of the big nervous-making conversation I was dreading, so O.A.U. signed my registration form for me.

Headed over to the registrar, in Pardee Hall. Got to Pardee Hall, to find it entirely gone. There's a rather nice grassy quad where Pardee used to be, which uncovers the much nicer-looking Adelbert Hall. Addition through subtraction?
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