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The good kind of tired

The weather has been amazing the last two days, and with the severe rain and next week's cooler temperatures, we've been taking advantage of the very last of summer by spending lots of time out in the dory, rowing. Yesterday, we rowed up the Genesee River from the canal intersection to just below RIT, then turned around, went west on the Erie Canal a little ways, and followed a little creek upstream through duck and heron-filled marshes, getting back to the Genesee Waterways Center shortly after sunset. Today, I rowed from the center all the way downtown to the Court Street dam and back again, before meeting linuxspice for a picnic lunch and having her row me for a little bit.

Ye gods, but I'm tired, though -- I rowed four hours yesterday and another two today, and the two today were mostly spent keeping the boat moving well, rather than slowly moving along for a little bit, stopping, drifting, and taking in the sights like we do when the two of us are in the boat. Yesterday, I got home feeling like I do after a really good martial arts work out; today I feel like I've hiked the Appalachian Trail at a 20-mile-per-day pace.
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