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Yet another perfect day: temperatures in the mid-70s, no clouds, no bugs, the first hints of fall foliage, and two Mouseboats. I had been blitzing all week to get them done in time for the Indian summer weather that we've been having, and it really paid off today. Amanda and I took the Mice out for a paddle on Irondequoit Creek, and paddled from the mouth of the creek all the way up to Browncroft, then floated back, for a total voyage of about four hours or so. The boats performed brilliantly, though I forgot to install drip rings on the hastily improvised West Greenland paddles that I threw together out of plywood scraps and closet pole fifteen minutes before we left. Greenland-style paddling is inherently a little wet, so we got a little bit of water in the boats from the paddles, but never enough to threaten to get past the cushions that we were sitting on. We both have blisters on our hands from the paddles, and are the Good Kind Of Tired.

The ducks were still there, and larger flocks of geese were migrating south, but there were fewer swans and herons. We saw a beaver, and what looked like a black otter, though that may have been wishful thinking. As usual, we shot every frame of film that we had with us, and I really wished that we'd had some left for the especially gorgeous moments around sundown as we were drifting home.

I still have a little bit of work to do on the boats, most notably the decks, but I'm really glad that I built them. It's great to have something small and light enough to toss in the back of the Aztek on a whim, to get out on the water whenever I feel like it.

linuxspice had been feeling fragile, sad, and yucky before we went. We're both glowing with happiness now. Even ignoring the fun that we had, that alone made it all worth it.
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