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Yasashii sayonara

For Canadian Thanksgiving today, we had clear blue skies, with temperatures of 68 or 20, depending on which side of the border you're on. Tomorrow, it's supposed to rain, and the temperatures will fall precipitously this week. I think I saw a day that wasn't going to get above 50 / 10, with overnight lows near freezing.

To take advantage of our Last Nice Day, linuxspice and I went Mouseboating on the Genesee. We covered eight miles, from the canal junction to the Court Street Dam and back, in about three hours. It was beautiful, and everyone we ran into wanted to know about Mouseboats, and how to make them.

It was a nice way to say goodbye to the river, and to the herons and ducks and seagulls. We both took lots of pictures, which we'll have to look at later.

Now we're off to see Kill Bill with Peri. Tomorrow, I start locking myself in my office and buckling down on my job search, degree stuff, research for the First Church of the Goddess, and planning for my D&D campaign. And the indoor half of the year begins....
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