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Here for the wrong Thanksgiving

We're back from our two (U.S.) Thanksgivings -- one in Erie, on Thursday, and one in Boston with Amanda's folks. Her dad still doesn't know, but we did have a serious talk with her mom about coming up with the best plan to end that particular farce. We took the Insolent 60 sketch with us, and now I think that Amanda's father is actually more excited about the boat than we are. He had owned a 46-foot power cruiser at one point, it seems, which he sold during the 1973 oil embargo.

Today's big local news story is the mayor's reaction to a rather unflattering story on Rochester in Toronto's national newspaper. In all fairness to the reporter, this is the wrong time to come to Rochester -- around Canadian Thanksgiving would have been better, with warm temperatures and fall foliage, or better yet, in the spring when all of the flowering trees are in bloom. And when it's nice to be outside at all, for that matter -- much of what I really love about Rochester is outdoors, and the article really didn't mention any of that.

Oh, and they should have gone to Empire Hots rather than Nick Tahou's, but any local could have told them that....
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