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Just because I haven't updated in a while....

10 Years Ago, I...
  1. ...had detransitioned, and was still in no shape to deal with any of the resulting fallout yet.
  2. ...spent a lot of time stuck in a depressive funk.
  3. ...worked some very odd hours at my Metro Health Center job.
  4. ...didn't make much academic progress, despite registering for classes.
  5. ...still hadn't finished my thesis, and was sort of wandering in a daze on matters academic.
5 Years Ago, I...
  1. ...was days away from the publication of the newsletter issue where I came out to my martial arts school.
  2. ...was in Texas for my third facial hair clearing at E2000.
  3. ...was nailing down the last details before transitioning at New Year's
  4. ...had just gotten in touch with Scotland again, and had a date for the day after New Year's.
  5. ...was happier than I'd been in my life up to then.
  6. ...still hadn't finished my thesis, but had been back to campus, finished my last coursework, and had approval for work to use some of my work as a thesis.
3 Years Ago, I...
  1. ...was mostly healed from my SRS earlier that year
  2. ...was head-over-heels in love with linuxspice, but worried about the fallout from the wedding incident.
  3. ...had left the job where I transitioned for a better one at Avaya, involving telecommuting.
  4. ...had moved to Lakewood.
  5. ...still hadn't finished writing up my thesis.
1 Year Ago, I...
  1. ...was excited about the prospect of things finally working out with linuxspice.
  2. ...was worried about whether I'd still have a job now.
  3. ...was eagerly anticipating the Insolent 60 plans that still aren't finished.
  4. ...had poor exercise and diet habits.
  5. ...still hadn't finished my damned thesis.
So far this year, I...
  1. ...have been blessed to have linuxspice move in with me!
  2. ...have launched three boats, and completed most of a fourth.
  3. ...have only had six months of steady work, but this will be my second-highest earnings year nonetheless.
  4. ...have lost 40 pounds.
  5. ...still haven't finished my thesis, despite registering for a credit hour for that purpose this term.
Yesterday, I...
  1. the New York Times in bed with my dearest love.
  2. ...patched tucker, our file server, with the latest recommended patch bundle, and installed samba on it.
  3. ...finished FFX-2, and got the "good" ending.
  4. ...made gingerbread with Shaw.
  5. ...stayed up till all hours of the night composing an email to my advisor about what to do about my thesis.
Today, I...
  1. ...slept late.
  2. ...jobhunted on Monster, and sent out a bunch of resumes.
  3. ...forgot to ask moominmuppet about staying in Cleveland Wednesday night.
  4. ...tinkered with a game design, but didn't get components made for playtesting in line tomorrow.
  5. ...rescheduled a proposed meeting with my advisor for tomorrow to a later date, because tomorrow is a day I've been waiting for for quite a while.
Tomorrow, I will...
  1. ...spend the entire day at the movie theater because they're showing the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy back-to-back-to-back, and we have tickets.
  2. ...get to the theater when they open at 8:30, and spend several hours of extreme geekiness hanging out in line with the other fen.
  3. some Munchkin and Lord of the Fries while waiting in line.
  4. Haruki Murakami while waiting if we get bored of gaming.
  5. ...probably do nothing else, as The Return of the King won't let out until after midnight.
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