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Friday Five

Five things I did for the first time in 2003:
  1. Learned shamanic extraction healing and soul retrieval.
  2. Took linuxspice rowing on the Erie Canal.
  3. Got myself plugged in to the research that my thesis advisor is doing.
  4. Spent the holidays somewhere other than with my parents.
  5. Broke down and installed Linux on two machines, and started hacking it. (To put it another way, I got over my "not invented here" syndrome left over from my own OS project, which I really should have done ten years ago.)
Five things that I did in 2003 that I never want to do again:
  1. Was laid off from my job at Kodak.
  2. Collected unemployment for four months.
  3. Found an unidentified lump near my lymph nodes.
  4. Had a complete emotional meltdown on New Year's Eve.
  5. Failed to keep in touch with an embarrassingly large percentage of my out-of-town friends.
Five things I didn't do that I wanted to do:
  1. Find permanent, steady work.
  2. Finish my thesis.
  3. Keep the house in reasonable order.
  4. Get the Shrike in the water in time to go cruising.
  5. Get together regularly enough with battakes and Cai (inter alia) to work on liturgy and do ritual.
Five things I acquired:
  1. A classic 1945 wooden Lightning in need of restoration.
  2. The Shrike (which I spent this evening working on).
  3. A Zaurus SL-5500, which died when linuxspice spilled soda on it.
  4. linuxspice, who I'd rather have than the silly Zaurus any day.
  5. Two Mouseboats.
Five things I want to do in 2004:
  1. Finish my thesis... which looks like it's going to happen. (More on that, soon.)
  2. Find permanent, steady work. Preferably work that's cutting-edge enough to keep me intellectually satisfied without forcing me to sacrifice the rest of my life, but at the moment, I'll settle for a roof over our heads and food on the table.
  3. Get our finances in sufficient order to get married and have kids.
  4. Get the Shrike in the water, refit the Lightning in time for the Women's North American championship, and perhaps even get a section or two of the Gadfly completed.
  5. Catch up with all the friends I've been neglecting.
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