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+5 Java Source of Incredible Ponderousness

From a first look, using find *.java | wc -l, it seems that PCGen is over 300k lines long -- over 200k for PCGen itself, plus another 100k for GMGen. Eek.

How the hell do you wind up with 200,000 lines of code for a simple little D&D character generator? For that matter, who would sit down to write and debug those 200k lines, recreationally? Yes, I know that LOC is a lousy metric, and a goodly portion of that is Javadoc comments, but it's still close to an order of magnitude more than I was expecting. Kodak DLS wasn't much bigger than that, and it was a huge, horrible, brute-force kludge that took a Chinese army four years to write....

Yipe. Anyone for a nice game of SHERPA?
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