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I'm here in my home office in Rochester, staring out the window at a whole lot of picture-postcard white fluffy snow. We tied the record for the longest snowy streak in Rochester history, and are on track to break it over the next several days, and perhaps last year's record for the snowiest January, too. What was that about global warming?

The big worry is employment. I'm starting to get lots of nibbles, but nothing has come any closer than the horizon for either of us yet. Amanda and I have taken to sitting side-by-side, dredging through job boards and passing leads to each other, and when I'm not jobhunting, I'm at work on my thesis. We've pretty much given up on being able to stay in Rochester, especially after the recent news from Kodak, and are open to relocating almost anywhere (with a strong preference to places near large bodies of water, and not in the former Confederacy).

I had a great time in State College last weekend. It had been too long since I'd seen my aunt and uncle, and we (and their two new dogs, and Mom and Dad) spent some quality time catching up. We also made it to the Penn State-Illinois women's basketball game, and got to see Kelly Mazzante break Katie Smith's scoring record. kat_chan, you would have enjoyed it -- they had a bigger crowd there than I've seen at the WNBA playoffs, for a regular-season game. The game itself wasn't the best -- Illinois isn't very good -- but my aunt and uncle definitely want to meet linuxspice, who couldn't make it, so we'll have to time our next visit for another home game.

Other than that, everything is very subdued just now due to the inclement weather. I've mostly been nose-to-the-grindstone Sue, with a few breaks now and again for the D&D campaign that I'm running, or one recreational hacking project unconnected to my thesis (the grand interactive fiction epic I've been poking at for years). We'll probably be visiting Toronto in the near future once or twice, as well as State College, PA to see my aunt and uncle, and to Boston to see Amanda's folks. And I'm supposed to drive to Cleveland every two weeks for meetings with my advisor, but that hasn't happened yet.


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Jan. 23rd, 2004 08:14 pm (UTC)
Proctor and Gamble are looking for IT Managers in Toronto. Not where you are, not what you were looking for, but their list of qualifications is extremely lenient, so I thought maybe it'd be worth a mention.
Feb. 3rd, 2004 04:54 pm (UTC)
The job market in Columbus is starting to pick up, though it's not great yet by any means. Just a thought to keep in mind, should you be so inclined.

And I'd heard about Kelly Mazzante breaking the record, because Penn State's next game was in Columbus. Appearantly, Katie Smith is an assistant with the OSU staff now, and she met privately with Kelly before the game to congratulate her on breaking the record. The Penn State coach was quoted on the TV news here saying that it was really classy that Katie took the time to see Kelly before the game and congratulate her.

Anyhow, hope that things pick up with the job search and best of luck to you. My thoughts are with you.
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