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Saturday Six

I didn't notice anyone posting a Friday Five this week, so I made up one of my own:
  1. Which icons do you have in your icon bar, Dock, or similar (or which applications do you have shortcuts to on your desktop)?

    Under Gnome on both machines: Home directory (Nautilus), Gnome Terminal, Mozilla Firebird, Evolution, pan (newsreader), gaim, Eclipse, GNU Emacs, Writer, Draw, GIMP, flphoto, XMMS, NetHack, PCGen, Acrobat Reader, Dia. On nuriko, also VICE (Commodore 64 emulator), Drivel, GnuCash, and Gabber.

    Under WindowMaker: GnuStep Terminal, Mozilla Firebird, Mozilla Thunderbird,, Emacs, Gimp, Acroread.

  2. What windows do you have open right now?
    nuriko, workspace 1:
    Evolution (full screen, reading my secret email account that I use for WomBAT)
    nuriko, workspace 2:
    Mozilla Firebird (full screen with four tabs: NY Times, LJ, Wunderground, and a research article for my IFComp '04 entry)
    nuriko, workspace 3:
    Emacs (two windows, editing the Inform code to my IF Competition 2004 entry and my design notes for it), Terminal (to run Inform on the aforementioned code), Drivel (from which I'm posting this), Zoom (test run of the code)
    nuriko, workspace 4: Draw (full screen, of the map for my Comp04 entry)
    nuriko, workspace 5:
    nuriko, workspace 6:
    Super NES emulator (running Final Fantasy VI)
    arachne, workspace 1:
    Mozilla 1.6 (reading my spamdump account -- I'll be glad when Evo finally includes Bayesian filtering), XMMS
    arachne, workspace 2:
    Mozilla Firebird (full screen, with five different research articles about the Bleeding Kansas period in five tabs)
    arachne, workspace 3:
    PAN (my newsreader) (full screen)
    arachne, workspace 4:
    Acrobat Reader (full screen, reading the Inform Designer's Manual)
    arachne, workspace 5:
    PCGen (full screen, with my campaign's party open)
    arachne, workspace 6:
    Zoom (Z-code interpreter, playing Anchorhead), Gnu Emacs (with notes on the game in its sole open buffer)
  3. What's your desktop image?

    Tuck, holding on to the keyboard from episode #5. (That's for Gnome; under WindowMaker I have the plans to the Insolent 60 (arachne) and a rendered ladybug (nuriko.)

  4. What theme or color scheme do you have your window decorations set to?

    On nuriko, "Mist", and on arachne, "Fluxbox." They're both minimalist and NeXT-y, and just about the same thing for two different Gnome versions. Under WindowMaker on arachne, the classic NeXTStep default. Under WindowMaker on Nuriko, "Ladybug."

  5. What's your browser's home page set to?

    Since I switched to Gnome, I've taken to using lots of full-screen windows, and switching between them with the workspace switcher, so I have Firebird set up for tabbed browsing, and start with Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Groups, my LJ friends list,, and the New York Times.

  6. Which newsgroups are you subscribed to at the moment?

    alt.polyamory,,, soc.women.lesbian-and-bi

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