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Yet another one. Wow.

...which brings the currently active total up to nine. This one is here in Rochester... at Kodak, no less. Two recruiters contacted me about the position; one was the one who got me my old Kodak job, so I went with him, and kicked linuxspice's resume over to the other, as she might be a good fit for the job, too.

Today's interview was... interesting. I felt like I was in a time warp back to 1998 or so, from the look of their offices, and from the process -- or lack thereof -- that they're using to develop their code. They supposedly place a premium on quality, but don't schedule enough time for developers to write their own unit tests, code subsystems independently (half the team being on a different continent) with "big bang" integration at the end, and wonder why they frequently need to work 60-hour weeks. Staying in Rochester would simplify many things, but I think this one gets sorted to the bottom of the pile, unless they suddenly get religion about better process (okay, I'll confess to having XP on the brain lately), or let me talk them into having it.

Hmm, which makes the Really Good Company's low offer not look quite so bad when computed per hour, and especially when computed per unit of additional blood pressure. Perhaps if I can just get them to come up a little bit.... (Thanks, everyone, for the advice.)

We're inflictingtaking okoshun out for trash plate tonight at Empire Hots, followed by a trip to Abbott's. And The Triplets of Belleville is playing at the Little, too.
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