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Happy nekkid wombat dance of JOY!

Well, the chickens have roosted now, and I'm busy counting them. I just got a phone call from the Really Good Company (my first choice), and it turns out that the Landed Immigrant process is long enough that they're going to bring me in as a contractor for the eighteen to twenty-four months that it'll take, and then convert me to a direct employee at that point. By that time, I'll certainly have made enough of a splash to justify a good deal more than the low figure for a permanent rate that I was first quoted, so the numbers there are going to work out, and I'm planning to accept the offer.

YAY! Just in time, too -- next week is my last of unemployment. I'll continue the interview process with the remaining U.S. companies that I have leads active with, as a hedge against Immigration Canada throwing up some red flag that makes the whole deal fall apart, but all in all, I think that our long nightmare is over.

So, bcholmes (and all my other friends in T.O.), it looks like we'll be seeing quite a bit more of each other after all. Thank you so much for the job lead!

Now, to find a place to live....
Tags: toronto, work

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