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If you call me...

If you call me "Sue," you're most people.

If you call me "Susan," that works, too.

If you call me "Susie," you're either linuxspice's father, or you're about to die.

If you call me "C-Hawk," you met me through alt.callahans.

If you call me "Phoenix," you know me through the Kang Do Won.

If you call me "Ms. Davis," you know me formally and professionally, or you're a grade rank student at my martial arts school.

If you call me "Mrs. Davis," you're either a clueless telemarketer, or a spammer. FOAD.

If you call me "Fred," you're my Dad.

If you call me "Sam," you're one of my family, and you probably also called my grandmother that, back in the day.

If you call me "Samberino," you're my Mom.

If you just meow at me, you're either linuxspice or Peri, or possibly catskillmarina or briathian.

If you call me your meeping creature or your cute little concrete mixer, you're linuxspice.

If you call me "Palmer" or "P.T.," you've probably known me a long time, but we've been out of touch for at least five years. By the way, there's some major news that you should know about....



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Mar. 10th, 2004 07:33 pm (UTC)
Awww! This is sweet! I'm inspired to do one of these posts... although I don't have anywhere near as many names.

I don't know if I want to do the one like your last line... for me it's been four years, and I still cringe a bit. I'll have to think about this. But you are courageous and strong!
Mar. 10th, 2004 08:10 pm (UTC)


Mar. 11th, 2004 10:15 am (UTC)
Re: err...
*purrrrrr* for edits!
Mar. 11th, 2004 09:06 pm (UTC)

looking 4ward to seeing you !

Trilllll ;-)
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