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Old enough to be Sue

From mactavish and red_frog:

Use the "Google image" feature and type in your first name in the search field. Post the first image that the search returns.


In the "that's so true" department, I got my contract from Intelliware today, and apparently part of most standard contracts in Canada is a warranty clause where the contractor indemnifies the client for up to a million dollars. That would be profoundly stupid in the U.S. -- I've worked on projects before where we've done everything in the negotiated requirements, but were sued anyway, and liability insurance is an excuse for the company to hold you upside down by the ankles and shake vigorously. In Canada, everyone appears to be much saner and less lawsuit-happy, and a million dollars worth of insurance runs about $150 CDN per year.

Someone remind me again why we didn't move north years ago?
Tags: humour, meme, work

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