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Long day... drove all the way to Cleveland to meet with my advisor (for about 45 minutes), met another grad student doing some similar work, finally got a chance to poke my head in at the Kang Do Won to say hi to everyone, and stopped by Mom and Dad's on the way home for dinner. Left at 9 AM, got back at 11 PM. Yawn.

We're off to the Phrygianum tomorrow to celebrate the Hilaria early over the weekend -- would you believe that they're showing Myra Breckenridge at Eastman House on the 24th (Sanguem)? -- then probably Toronto next week for apartment-hunting, and State College the weekend afterwards so that linuxspice can meet my aunt and uncle, and we can pick up a free sailboat.

Yes, another one: a Bruce Roberts 18' trailer sailer. A sister ship, from Montreal, is currently in the middle of a circumnavigation. This leaves us with one boat too many, but which one goes? Probably the Lightning, much as I'd hate to part with her.

Anyway, here's what the boat looks like:

Need to think of a name. I was planning to use Vingilot for the Paradox that I was planning to build before the Insolent 60 project came along; that would fit this boat even better. Especially if we were to rig up a really, really bright LED array for the masthead light....

UPDATE: We didn't get the boat; the owner sold it to someone else.