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Have I mentioned just how thoroughly non-evil my new employer is? We're still on hold for my work permit, and we theoretically needed to have gotten word to my apartment complex by last Thursday to avoid someone else from renting our apartment out from under us. I was starting to tear my hair out over the whole matter, when my boss stepped in and volunteered to pick up the cost of breaking the lease if something goes wrong. So we'll be coming to Toronto on Saturday to sign the lease, and possibly to move some stuff, depending on how logistics involving the border wind up working out. Phew.

We'll wait to have our actual housewarming until we actually get our stuff there, but if anyone would care to see the new digs and sit on the floor to eat some pizza, our door should be open for most of the afternoon, at least. If I do have the work permit (and the ability to start work on Monday), we'll probably move at least a few essentials: bedding, toiletries, computers, and whatnot. Plus, we need to get renter's insurance, and health insurance, and phone and hydro and cable, and I need liability insurance for my contract, and and and.

(Oh, and curiousangel, the O's are in town this weekend.... :-) )
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