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Political geekapalooza

Hi, I'm Sue, and I'm a political wonk. ("Hi, Sue....")

Amazingly, I'd never followed the coverage of a Canadian federal election before, and it was a lot of fun. Add a snuggly sweetie or two, and a halfway decent result (though it would've been much nicer if the NDP had carried the ridings that they had close calls in, to say nothing of Parkdale-High Park), throw in some takeout pasta, and it was the recipe for a perfect evening.

Classic moment of the evening: Peter Mansbridge struggling to keep a straight face, and failing, reporting that the Marxist-Leninist Party was in the lead in a riding in Missisauga.

Best moment: either a sweetie-enabled walk through High Park beforehand, or snuggling on the sofa and realizing that the predicted disaster wasn't going to materialize.

Jack Layton still comes across as a bit of a yappy dog, though.
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