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First Shrike capability

The boat is now off the front porch and on the trailer! I rewired the trailer, built bunks of the right size and shape. It fit on the first try, and the converted Y-Flyer trailer that I'm using is just the right length for the boat to balance well, with not much tongue weight but enough to keep the trailer on the hitch. I also put the masts up for the first time, and Shrike finally looks like a boat. She's really stunning; Bolger designed a real beauty. And linuxspice and I can just barely fit inside the forward sleeping compartment, which was designed for one.

The next trip to Rochester needs to be the big blitz of moving things out to the garage, so little progress will likely be made, but Labour Day weekend is looking good for an actual launch.

Photos to come later....
Tags: botats, rochester

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