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In praise of long car trips

I'm on my way back to Toronto from D.C. -- we've stopped overnight at Peri's house in Rochester. My college roommate Eric got married over the weekend, at Georgetown. Sadly, we missed the ceremony -- linuxspice's car broke down in Williamsport, PA, and we had to wait overnight for a replacement radiator. The wedding was at 3:00, and we got there at 4:30. Still, the reception was a lot of fun, and it was good to see Eric and other G.U. friends, many of whom I hadn't seen since I transferred out in the middle of Junior year.

All told, linuxspice and I spent 20 hours driving -- 24, once you add in the time spent dealing with the breakdown. We've decided that we really like long car trips together -- spending lots of time together is just about our favorite thing in the universe. And we can switch off, take naps, work on laptops, or just hold hands or be snuggly.

Off to Vancouver next weekend, and hopefully Seattle, too. Then North Carolina the week that I get back, and three different states and Thanksgiving dinners over U.S. Thanksgiving week.
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